Something about the sea

-For Ruby-

I could look at the ocean forever

something about the sea

stirs the waves of my soul

passion for the unknown shore

rises and falls

within me

like waves rolling in

making me want to seek out

secret and hidden coves

I stretch to find the sun

along the misty shores of grey

a flock of seagulls call out to me

daring me to stay

I lose my big city impatience

as contentedness

finds me along the way

my hurriedness


at the sight of the amethyst sunset

dancing along the bay

Come dance with us

the spirit of the sea waves

whispers in my ear

sink your toes in the sand

let the rhythm of the waves

wash away your fears

and you can be our mermaid.

l.a.mcfaddin is an Edmonton poet, writer and aspiring playwright. She has been published in several anthologies. She lives in Millwoods with her family and two rescue dogs, Maggie Mae and Stanley.

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