Present Tense

In this poem,

It is not cliche to say

you never left.

Many years have passed

since you went

the way all living take turn

to travel.

You are gone, out of my horizon, like the stone

From my catapult, like the dove I wanted it to slay.

& I've not seen you, as I used

to in my dreams for a while.

Today, a trivial gist from the mountain

of love led me to the path of memory.

My lover asked about you,

I caught myself

using present tense for you.

I said "He is a second child."

"He teaches in that school

Resting on the tail of town."

"People's mouths & diaphragms ache for laughter

when they listen

to his funny tales".

She spotted a black spot in my grammar.

Then I asked

"What tense

do you really use for your dead when he still breathes

somewhere deep

within the chambers of your heart?"

Olaewe David Opeyemi is a Nigerian medical doctor and writer. He's the author of Geography of Living. He has published works in /forthcoming at Dreich Magazine, Lucent Dreaming, Selcouth Station Praxis and elsewhere. You can meet him on twitter @dropey01 and facebook @olaewedavidopeyemi.

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