Lost in Lust

A photographical representation of the innocent pulled into the abyss of shame/depression as a result of the immoralities of society. They are made to think outside the box for a solution, but are met with myriad of other underlying problems that make them miss their way home. Unable to turn back the hands of time, they are left with scars that beg to be wiped off.

Sulola's journey through the photography village started some years ago as a result of wanting to document muffled emotions- to send messages that need the eye of the Gods to decipher and at the same time partly disintegrate for the layman. He’s particular about the themes of grief, memories, hope & emotions. On the other hand, writing has been an age long interest and a relief in times of pain. He is of the opinion that everyone is a writer & the prowess lies in the ability to surpass turbulent tides using his he(art) of poetry as a tool for societal change.

Sulola Imran Abiola (The Official Sulola) (he/him) is a phone photographer, poet, public servant, and a student from Oyo State, Nigeria, with some of their work published/forthcoming in both national and international magazines in The Quills, Writenow Lit, Kalopsia Lit Magazine, Lumiere Review, Undivided Magazine,Wondrous Real Magazine, Liberreto magazine, Global Youth Review, ARTmosterrific, Kaedi Africa, Best Of Africa, Rasa Literary Review, Odd Mag, Macro Magazine, Afroliterary Magazine, amongst others. If he's not savoring the clicks of camera shutters, he's either writing or making wonders in the kitchen. He tweets via @official_sulola

The Photographer:

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