Left to the Elements

I found this fix'er upper in a field next to an old abandoned barn in a field just off Alberta Highway 22, also known as The Cowboy Trail, one cold and grey October day. It was my first time driving the Cowboy Trail, and the truck and barn were literally the first things I saw after turning on to it from Highway 16.

I've always had an obsession with photographing antiquated structures of a bygone era. Something that the province of Alberta is not exactly lacking in. And this vehicle and the surrounding dilapidated buildings definitely fit the bill that day. The cloudy skies, wrinkled fall leaves and overgrown grass simply added to the sense of abandonment.

Neil Cloke has had an interest in photography for quite a few years now, but has only really taken it up more seriously in the last few years. He has only done a few photoshoots for family and friends, but his true passion is landscape photography. Neil truly enjoys trying to bring the natural beauty of this country to vivid life.

The Photographer:

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