i fell asleep inside the honeycomb

the bees called to me

humming, thrumming

i fell asleep inside the honeycomb

the hive alive

the singing, the stinging

all night the bees taught me

the language

of pollen, the scent

of stamen

the ringing, the brimming

the sun rose inside the honeycomb

i awoke inside the honeycomb

the dripping, the sipping

i awoke inside the honeycomb

the stunning, the becoming

Deborah Leipziger is a poet, author, and advisor on sustainability. Her chapbook, Flower Map, was published by Finishing Line Press (2013). Two of her poems have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Born in Brazil, Ms. Leipziger is the author of several books on sustainability and human rights, some of which have been translated into Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese. Her poems have been published in the UK, US, Israel and the Netherlands, in such magazines and journals as Salamander, Lily Poetry Review, POESY, Wilderness House Review, and Amethyst Review. She is the co-founder of Soul-Lit, an on-line poetry magazine.

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