Dawn Crescendo

In the pregnant hush of the dawning day

while crimson flush lightens distant horizons,

a single trill of joyous celebration

breaks the ominous nightlong silence.

Presently joined by a feathered chorus

rising to a crescendo - then dissipating

into rippling waves of silver sound.

Pouring outward over the gold-tinged savannah.

Over grasslands where zebra and bontebok graze,

past elephant herds; standing, grey monoliths,

onwards to the great river where crocodile lurk,

to the solitary tree where the lion pack slumbers.

After night-long hunt, appetite satiated,

somnolent lion stirs, pridefully tosses tawny mane.

Great head drops down to padded paws

as he rolls and stretches beneath dappled shadows

of sheltering, shivering Karoo acacia leaves.

Elongated silhouettes of graceful giraffe

glide across the distant lightening skyline,

toward the shimmering waters of Lake Victoria.

Where reflected reeds frame flimsy craft

that fishermen will launch to net rainbow fish.

As the sun climbs higher into hazy skies,

all animals stir, striving to survive another day.

Soon the searing heat will burn away the mist,

and scorch the panting grasslands far below.

As the world awakens again to the beauty

of another smoldering sunrise in Africa

Anita Louise Jay has been published online and in print. Her short stories and poetry have appeared in magazines and anthologies. Anita’s story for young children was self-published and she has completed her first novel. Anita Louise Jay is also qualified as a speech, drama and dance teacher. She is an active member of the West Coast Writers Circle in Cape Town, South Africa. Explore her website at moondancestudio.tumblr.com.

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