Colour Wheel

The fence is the colour of white noise

there to dampen the whine of neighbor’s saws,

clang of hammers, to hide

brown dirt-caked stumps of cedars

shredded in a paean to

suburban curb appeal

Day lilies spill like orange earplugs

gladiolas lift their salmon fish-lip petals

drink in crystal droplets sprayed

from a metal-gray hose

As my eyes watch liquid surcease

blacken garden dust

I say kaddish for the cedars

Carla Stein’s poems have been published in Sustenance, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, Friday’s Poems, An Anthology of Nanaimo Poetry, Sad Girl Review, and Please Hear What I’m Not Saying in the United Kingdom, as well as other publications. She has published two chapbooks titled, Sideways Glances of an Everyday Sailor and Shrieking from the Shore. Carla is the current artistic director of Wordstorm Society of the Arts, an organization supporting the literary arts on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Art work Title: Tree of Life by Carla Stein

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